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How to Choose a Good Name for Your Website?

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Choose a Good Name for Your Website – Now that you have your keyword list, this will help form the way that you build your website. This starts with the name of the site itself, as some of the search engines will use this to rate your website.

For example, if the research for your “usa car insurance” site indicated that “usa cars insurance” was a good key phrase, you might consider seeing if the domain name was available. If that is taken, you could also try – just keep going until you find something you can live with.

However, there are two schools of thought about this. Some consider it spamming to add your keywords in the title of your website, others think that it helps you.

Whatever you believe, choosing a memorable name is essential -try not to choose a good domain name that’s too long or includes more than one hyphen i.e. “-”.

You may have to try several versions before you come across one that’s available – GoDaddy has a tool to suggest names if what you choose aren’t free.

Do make sure that you are happy with the name, you are going to be seeing and using it a lot! You may wish to wait at least 24 hours before registering your new domain to check that you are entirely comfortable with it.

ACTION POINT Find out if your chosen domain name is available, visit either:

NameCheap or GoDaddy

You can either choose to register your domain name or to sign up to one of their hosting plans.

Blogging for free – if you haven’t even got a few dollars to create your own website, you could experiment with a free site from
choose good domain name offer free sites for blogs, so you could set up a free site around your chosen subject. Rob Benwell is very successful at earning money with blogging earning over $500 daily. If you’re serious about making money though, invest in your own domain name, it’s just a few dollars gives you your own business identity and web space.

Make sure that your chosen web hosting company provide good statistics on visitors to your site. Statistics are a vital tool and tell you what people are searching on when they visit your site, what pages are most popular, what links are most popular and which search engines or websites they are visiting from.

Suggested Hosting Companies:

  1. 1 and 1 – you can host unlimited domains, so worth considering for multiple websites.
  2. GoDaddy – I have several sites with Go Daddy. It’s easy to register and sign up for a domain and hosting account.
  3. VodaHost – with excellent support and a built in affiliate program software.
  4. WebWizards – very low monthly cost if you’re trying to keep costs to a minimum
  5. Yahoo! Web Hosting – the company which I have most experience with Sign Up for your Domain Name

If you have an idea but don’t have the time to set up a website right now, just buy the domain name and set up a temporary page which includes your keywords.

Place three or four links to it so that the search engines will find it. This can also help with your rankings later on, as some of the search engines use the “age” of the website to influence rankings.


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