alternative energy solutions
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Alternative Natural Energy Solutions

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Alternative Natural Energy Solutions by – Effective production of power and energy with the environmental safety and maintenance in mind is done by alternative energy solutions of the present times. People have been stressing their desire of using fossil fuels for energy production purposes and this has been proved fatal by scientists and researchers.

They cause irreversible damage to the environment and the fossil fuels of the earth are the non reusable energy resources. Eventual overuse of the same will result in depletion of the stocks and finally the entire stock of fuels will disappear. Hence, in order to save irreplaceable energy resources, we need to use alternative energy solutions.

alternative energy solutions
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Large number of alternative energy solutions has been identified by the scientists and researchers of the world and they have been trying to improve the quality and methods of production of energy from them for so long. Some of solutions which have been put into practice are as follows;

Wind power solutions have the capacity to use the power of the winds and help drive small turbines or windmills that in turn generate electricity through specially designed converters. The generators are nothing but rotating fans in large sizes that are rotated by the wind, thereby generating kinetic energy into electricity.

Farms have been setup in various parts of the world to harvest wind power and they have been proved successful in many places. Even the idea of floating wind power farms is being tested in the middle of the oceans and if it succeeds, then the power generation industries will see a huge revolutionary change.

Biomass or Bio-gas is the fuel obtained from plants and organic matter available in the earth and they are produced by first transforming them into briquettes and then by burning them to a specific form in a specialized boiler.

They produce heat and generate methane when treated with an anaerobic environment of bacterial decomposition. The heat is then used to run turbines and generators which produce electricity and the natural gas or the methane gas produced can be used as a cooking fuel. Biomass, which is the resultant quantity of the process, will function as a cleaner.

Harnessing the power from the sun is possible by the process of solar energy conversion process and they are done by using solar panels to gather the sun rays, converting them to electricity. Storing them in batteries as backup for its use at night is possible here and when this process is combined with the wind power generation, a continuous power supply is possible for our needs.

If you want to find out more about alternative energy please read more about wind turbines and solar generators alternative energy solutions and clean renewable wind generated and solar energy.


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